Blog Post 10

We gave a season outlook for the University of Wyoming wrestling team. This was going to be a journalistic story with no narration from us but only having the wrestlers that we decided to interview, speak about the upcoming season. I experienced that editing down footage to only reaching about two and a half minutes is actually extremely difficult. I did not enjoy the idea of the group project because we truly divided to conquer and at times it seemed as if we were at a complete stand still when this should have been one of the easier finals to do. … Continue reading Blog Post 10

Blog Post 9

I covered the Colorado State Semi Final game featuring  my old high school. The game was between Pueblo East and Mead in Longmont, Colorado. I enjoyed the experience because I was able to cover something I like and I look forward to possibly trying to do this as a career later in life. The thing I struggled with was getting interviews. I really didn’t want to get an interview from a fan but rather players and not actually knowing any of the players anymore it was a lot harder to do. I was not able to even interview a coach … Continue reading Blog Post 9

Blog Post #8 Social Media Critique

Reebok and Nike are two huge companies in the clothing industry, both competitive with what the other has. This will analyze how the two of the companies social media outlets express their company. I chose to compare these two industries because I wear both of their clothing and both seem to conduct social media and customer service very well. I was unable to find both companies and their Pinterest pages or Snapchat pages. Which is not a complete surprise since snapchat is not the best outlet to share information on and is actually really difficult as it was discussed in … Continue reading Blog Post #8 Social Media Critique

Blog Post 7 (edited audio)

My audio experience was a fairly frustrating one, this is due to the fact that I had forgotten the most important part which was the self ID. With this being said it wasn’t to pleasant and honestly is something that if I have to do in the future wont be one of my favorite things to do. Overall I think it was difficult to get into a place quiet enough to do an interview in the first place and secondly just was not to sure what to ask of the person. I felt like yes I could ask whatever I … Continue reading Blog Post 7 (edited audio)

Raw Audio (Blog Post 6)

My interviewing experience was a lot of fun and really easy to do. We were able to find a very quiet place to do the interview which I think helped the overall sound quality of it. Recording someone with an audio recorder is something I have done before so nothing to special about it. Both situations were familiar I have done both and enjoyed both just fine. I enjoyed the process of having to find a secluded room to do the recording, I did not however like that if you barely touched your phone that it picked up the noise. … Continue reading Raw Audio (Blog Post 6)

Photojournalism (Blog Post #5)

The Duel My parents wanted to meet up for the weekend and catch the last Colorado Rockies game so this worked great for this photo. The atmosphere surrounding the game was excitement and hime since the Rockies did not make it to the postseason. This photo was a lot harder than I thought just to get  a perfectly timed picture along with dodging people’s heads in the stands. I felt fairly nervous because I had to stop watching the game to focus on the photo, which wasn’t good since foul balls are a common occurrence in baseball. This photo uses the … Continue reading Photojournalism (Blog Post #5)

Blog Post #4

Trying to Hold onto Summer This photo demonstrates texture as its dominant creative device because you can see the fine fibers on the plant and around the flowers. The second creative device being used is color. This is because of the bright purple flowers and the green stems. Throw of a Lifetime This photo demonstrates framing as its primary creative device, with the trees being used as frames you can focus on the disc golf basket. As a second creative device this photo displays rule of thirds due to the scenery throughout the photo. Straight as an Arrow This photo … Continue reading Blog Post #4